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Nisbet Lodge


I have been a resident of Nisbet Lodge since 2011 and am happy to call it home. It is the safety I feel, the excellent medical care from the doctor and the nursing team, the variety of activities, the balanced meals, and being treated with respect by everyone. —Ioanna Moundreas

I came to Nisbet Lodge in March of 2012 after having my second leg amputated due to poor circulation. Although I have less physical energy as I age, my life at Nisbet is fulfilling in many respects. I enjoy my classical music and I still am a great reader. I take part in various activities, and the occasional lunch on the Danforth with friends, family and former colleagues compliments the meals with my Nisbet table mates. I appreciate the guidance Glen Moorhouse and Jay Jesudas give, and the work of other senior staff in the successful performance of Nisbet Lodge, and that I can play a part as a member of the Residents’ Council. Nisbet Lodge cannot completely replace my home, but it does a first-class job of substituting for home in advancing age. —Ted Freeman Attwood
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