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Today’s needs and priorities

Our donors are our Heroes of Care

Heroes of Care is our annual drive to raise funds for specific improvements at Nisbet lodge and McClintock Manor, and to support long-range planning for the future of the properties.

The “heroes” in Heroes of Care is all about our donors and the difference you make in the lives of the residents of Nisbet Lodge and the tenants of McClintock Manor. Recently, you made it possible to:

  • Upgraded Elevators : North elevator has been upgraded and is up in running. The work on the south elevator will begin soon.

  • Purchase Overbed Tables: Replaced the overbed tables for all residents with a new one that are height adjustable and mobile so the residents can use them for multiple purposes.

  • Patio Furniture : We have purchased 16 environmentally friendly outdoor furnishings, designed with premium, recycled materials for great appearance and long-term durability. Our selections included garden benches and chairs, luxury deep seating, dining tables and chairs, and cushions/accent tables. They are all -season and heavy which is important given the mighty gusts of wind we get on the penthouse patio. Right away tenants from McClintock began to enjoy their morning coffee on the patio and the arrangement encourages small groups to connect throughout the space. The feedback has been wonderful.

Current priorities

  • New updated outdoor led sig.

  • Upgrade windows and doors.

  • Imprvoments like painting, flooring, carpentry etc to coomon areas.

  • Support ongoing redevelopment planning to ensure a bright future for Nisbet Lodge

GIVE NOW! We’ve made it easy.

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