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McClintock Manor

Services and programs

Tenants of McClintock Manor have access to a number of services and programs provided by both Nisbet Lodge and Calvary Church.

  • Resident and Tenant Services Manager

  • On-site exercise classes

  • Seasonal celebrations

  • Calvary Church services

  • Opportunities to volunteer

  • Foot care

  • On-site chaplain

  • Planned social activities, such as guest speakers, Wii games and special events

  • Active Tenants’ Association organizes activities

  • Optional meal program from Nisbet Lodge

  • Neighbour Watch program

  • Open invitation to Nisbet Lodge activities

  • Games room i.e. darts etc.

To apply under market-rent provisions contact  Resident and Tenet Services Coordinator  at McClintock Manor.

Call (416) 469-3200 ext 1189

To apply under rent-geared-to-income provisions, please contact Housing Connections. 

Telephone: (416) 981-6111

Fax: (416) 981-6112.

McClintock Manor office hours are:

Monday to Friday : 9AM to 12PM

Saturday and Sunday : Closed

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