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McClintock Manor


It's always a big step to move from your home and neighborhood, to a seniors’ building. When I moved to McClintock Manor I expected to miss my neighbours, the convenience of my own washer and dryer, and my garden. Now, six years later I feel very fortunate to call McClintock my home. I am grateful to be part of our volunteer garden group. We have four terrace garden areas plus the front entry to keep us busy. Our laundry is on the second floor, with a sitting room overlooking the terrace - a very close second to my own washer and dryer. My building is a self-contained neighborhood, just in a vertical structure rathe than a horizontal street. We have a diverse, friendly, caring population. I never need boots or an umbrella to visit a neighbor - just a smile. I'm forever grateful to be here.
—Mary Yule

Life and living at McClintock Manor is a blessing. Over my eleven years here I have developed a network of friends, neighbours and community helpers. I have seldom felt lonely or bored, there is always something to keep my mind, my body and my spirit active. I am located across the street from the Pape Subway, near the Danforth, close to churches, restaurants and shopping this gives me the opportunity to take care of all my needs. I am able to attend church at Holy Name or walk to Doctor’s appointment at the Albany Clinic as well as shop for groceries at Foodland. They still deliver so there is no worry about carrying heavy groceries home. My apartment is my home McClintock Manor is my neighbourhood. If I need a meal they are always available for a nominal fee in the dining room. Classes and lectures as well as fun and games are offered. Over the years I have taken part in many of the activities but I have also had the benefit of hosting my family gatherings and celebrations in the multi-purpose room on the top floor. Another great advantage is that I did not have to give up gardening when my husband Harry and I became residents. I think I still grow the best tomatoes and make the best chutney! McClintock Manor is a safe and caring environment, it allows me to live independently and to be able to share my gifts and talents with those around me. There is a feeling of security and peacefulness in knowing that I am in the best place ever. Even though my Harry is gone, I know that I belong and I’m not alone as I continue to age gracefully.
—Mary Keane

To apply under market-rent provisions contact  Resident and Tenet Services Coordinator  at McClintock Manor.

Call (416) 469-3200 ext 1189

To apply under rent-geared-to-income provisions, please contact Housing Connections. 

Telephone: (416) 981-6111

Fax: (416) 981-6112.

McClintock Manor office hours are:

Monday to Friday : 9AM to 12PM

Saturday and Sunday : Closed

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