Nisbet Lodge opened in 1973 and is now in its 42nd year. It was designed as a retirement home and during the 1980s gradually evolved into being a long term care home. We work hard and invest heavily to keep the building safe and attractive. But the reality is we have an aging building that does not meet the Ministry’s new design standards.

The Board has been aware of this for some time and has explored various options for redeveloping on site. Nisbet Lodge and McClintock Manor have been an important part of the east Toronto community for decades. Anyone wetalk to – individuals and health care partners — want us to stay. Yet after much study the Board came to the realization that Nisbet Lodge cannot redevelop on this site. This was announced at the annual meeting in 2012.

Since then a special committee of the Board called Corporate Planning and Redevelopment has been looking at three priority questions.

  • Where can Nisbet Lodge rebuild our long-term care beds and how can we acquire more beds in order to be operationally efficient?
  • What is the best use of the existing building once long-term care moves?
  • How do we keep both buildings in good repair until a decision is reached on the future?

In 2012 the Province launched a program to upgrade all of the provinces older buildings – designated as “B” and “C” homes. The goal, a noble one, is to assure that whether you live in Toronto or Timmins you have access to the same quality facility.

Planning like this requires resources from people like architects, cost consultants, urban planners, lawyers, etc.

Unfortunately there is no upfront funding from the Ministry for this vital work and so we have to find it ourselves.

We have a started a special fund called ‘Planning for Tomorrow…Today’ just to support our redevelopment planning. Your donation is tax deductible and will guarantee that Nisbet continues to have a presence in the TorontoDanforth community.

For more information on the future of Nisbet Lodge or to make a donation to help ensure Nisbet will be here for generations of seniors to come you can contact me by phone at 416-469-1105 extension 1123 or by email at

Glen Moorhouse
Chief Executive Officer