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Nisbet Lodge

Accommodations we offer

We offer private, semi-private and two-bed basic accommodations.

  • Private accommodation is one person to the room with a private washroom

  • Two-bed basic and semi-private are shared rooms, with a common washroom which consists of a toilet and a sink.

All rooms offer comfort and convenience. Rooms contain furniture appropriate to the size of the room, and are furnished with bed, dresser, night table, desk or bookshelves. All bed linens and towels are supplied.

Personal items such as pictures, ornaments, television and telephone may be brought from home to make it feel familiar and comfortable. Furniture such as dressers, chairs and side tables may replace the existing furniture as long as it safely fits into the room.

Understanding room rates

Room rates at Nisbet Lodge and other long-term-care homes are set and supervised by the provincial government.

Long-term care home maximum co-payment fees (effective July 1, 2023)

Type of accommodation

Daily Rate





Semi- Private






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