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Nisbet Lodge

Compassionate care for a fuller life

Nisbet Lodge is a charitable, not-for-profit organization providing long-term care to just over 100 seniors.

We offer residents accommodation and care that fulfills the needs of today’s seniors, in a Christian environment. Valuing the total individual, we care for the physical, recreational, emotional and spiritual needs of those entrusted to us.

Our commitment is to provide compassionate care for a fuller life.

Sized for quality and comfort

The Lodge is a well-respected and established multi-story facility, offering private, semi-private and two-person basic accommodations. With 103 beds, we are large enough to provide a wide range of programs, services and activities, while creating a warm, friendly and home-like atmosphere.

You can find us at Pape and Danforth in the city’s east end, conveniently located across from the Pape TTC subway station.

Nisbet Lodge building front side picture
Old Friends

Making Nisbet Lodge a home

All residents of the facility are encouraged to bring some of their favourite personal belongings — a favourite chair, some photos or a painting, a chest of drawers — whatever safely fits that can help make Nisbet Lodge their home.

Meanwhile, food menus, activities and services are designed to support as many personal choices for each resident as possible.

Most important, our staff know each resident by name and are familiar with their habits and preferences. If you overhear a conversation, you’ll be struck by the balance of professionalism and friendly knowledge that makes Nisbet Lodge a welcoming and high-quality home.

Funding Partners

We are grateful to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for its support along with that received through Home and Community Care Support Services Toronto Central

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
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