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COVID Update

Aug 7th, 2020

Today is a special one as Toronto Public Health has declared the COVID outbreak over.  This is truly great news as we know how challenging the outbreak has been for residents, families and staff.  I want to thank all those who prayed and offered notes of encouragement.   

I also want to thank our employees both Nisbet and agency for coming in each day in spite of the risks as well as those who came back after being positive.  We have many hearos here.  Jay and I also want to acknowledge the practical support and medical leadership of Michael Garron Hospital.  Without it the outbreak would have lasted longer and with more consequences.  We also express our sympathies to the families of those who died.  

With a second wave expected we need to take a staged approach to brining services back whether it is dining, group programs or the hair salon.  The management team in conjunction with MGH will be developing a transition plan for each service which will roll out in the coming weeks.  The first one will be outdoor visits for residents and families which are expected to start very soon.    

We also need to continue to be vigilant in terms of screening, PPE use and hand hygiene as well as social distancing.  It will take a while to get to whatever the ‘new normal’ will be.  In the meantime staff and residents will continue to be tested.  Having lived through a COVID outbreak I can’t stress the importance of wearing a mask in the community, following proper hand hygiene and practicing social distancing.  We have much to be grateful for but we don’t want a repeat performance. 


Glen Moorhouse (CEO)
Jay Jesudas (Administrator)

Caring Christian Homes in the heart of the Danforth

As a Christian organization serving in the heart of the Danforth, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of those whose home is our seniors housing and long-term care residences.

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Everyone here is devoted to ensuring high-quality professional and compassionate care for every resident of Nisbet Lodge. We also work so that tenants of McClintock Manor enjoy life to the fullest.

To accomplish that, I am privileged to lead a committed and skilled staff. We are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers and Board members, and a very significant roster of community partners.

About Us

Nisbet Lodge is a charitable, not-for-profit organization, a home that cares for just over 100 seniors. We offer residents accommodation and care that fulfills the needs of today’s seniors, in a Christian environment.

McClintock Manor is an apartment building for seniors who can live on their own. We provide 62 apartments where seniors can live independently in a “good-neighbour community.

How you can help

The Nisbet Lodge McClintock Manor Foundation exists to support the present and future work of both the Lodge and the Manor. Started in 1993, the Foundation raises funds for capital projects that benefit both the Lodge and Manor.

Your gifts are crucial, as we always must find additional funds to cover many important needs of our residents and tenants. We value every gift and every donor either it is a donation or volunteering.