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COVID Update

July 10th

Finally, we seem to be making some progress!  The swab results for this week showed 2 positive cases compared with 13 the week before.  The team from Michael Garron Hospital also assessed those who had tested positive and are now 14 days out.  Twelve of those were found to be resolved.  It should be noted that residents can still be at some risk post COVID.  

In terms of staff 8 have returned to work however we have 5 new cases.  Staff from MGH will be doing more infection control training in the week ahead.  

The following chart outlines our current numbers.  


  • 2 new cases
  • 12 resolved
  • Number positive:  31
  • Cases by Team
  • Team 1:  6
  • Team 2:  9
  • Team 3:  16


  • 8 staff returned to work
  • 5 new cases 
  • 24 active 

It seems that some in the local community are concerned about the outbreak which we of course are too but they are also wondering about the potential impact of our outbreak on the area.  I have referred this question to Toronto Public Health but I can tell you that our staff are directed to wear a mask coming and leaving work.  They are also required to wear street clothes to work and then change into their scrubs and change back when they leave.  We all have an obligation to wear a mask, practice safe distancing and proper hand hygiene when out in public.  We were pleased to see Toronto City Council’s decision regarding wearing masks in public places.  McClintock Manor continues to be COVID free.   We give thanks for these changes and pray that the numbers will continue to improve. 


Glen Moorhouse (CEO)
Jay Jesudas (Administrator)

Caring Christian Homes in the heart of the Danforth

As a Christian organization serving in the heart of the Danforth, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of those whose home is our seniors housing and long-term care residences.

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Everyone here is devoted to ensuring high-quality professional and compassionate care for every resident of Nisbet Lodge. We also work so that tenants of McClintock Manor enjoy life to the fullest.

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Nisbet Lodge is a charitable, not-for-profit organization, a home that cares for just over 100 seniors. We offer residents accommodation and care that fulfills the needs of today’s seniors, in a Christian environment.

McClintock Manor is an apartment building for seniors who can live on their own. We provide 62 apartments where seniors can live independently in a “good-neighbour community.

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The Nisbet Lodge McClintock Manor Foundation exists to support the present and future work of both the Lodge and the Manor. Started in 1993, the Foundation raises funds for capital projects that benefit both the Lodge and Manor.

Your gifts are crucial, as we always must find additional funds to cover many important needs of our residents and tenants. We value every gift and every donor either it is a donation or volunteering.