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COVID Update

Date:  June 8, 2021 

In an effort to safely re-open long-term care homes, the Ministry has made changes to the policy affecting visitors and resident absences.  Here is a brief summary:

General Visitors

  1. When a resident has a mobility limitation or a health condition that prevents them from taking part in an outside visit, they may have one general visitor indoors. A general visitor must sign in and can only go up only after a negative rapid test.  They must also wear a mask and face shield and practice safe social distancing.  If the general visitor has been fully immunized a face shield is not required.      
  2. General visits cannot take place if the home or the residents’ floor is in outbreak or if the resident is symptomatic and on droplet and contact precautions.    
  3. An indoor general visit for those who cannot go out is not required to be booked in advance however visiting hours are from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and 3:15 to 5:30 seven days a week.   
  4. Regardless of the vaccination status of the general visitor, a brief hug can be offered.  
  5. Where both a resident and a general visitor are fully immunized handholding may take place.  
  6. There can be only one visitor (general or essential) at a time.  

Resident Absences

Residents who are fully vaccinated may leave the home for social absences either for the day or overnight.  They are required to wear a mask and follow public health protocols while away.  

Day Outings

Day outings are to be requested by email or phone in advance (24hours) with the Director of Care or Assistant Director of Care.  Residents will be screened for COVID upon their return.  If they fail the screen, they will be required to self-isolate for fourteen days and PCR tested after the eight day.  

Overnight Outings

The resident or family must provide 48 hours’ notice to the Director of Care or Assistant Director of Care via email or by phone.  They will gather information using the leave of absence questionnaire and risk assessment to determine if it is safe to be out.  The Director of Care/Assistant Director of Care will notify the family/resident 24 hours in advance whether the outing is approved.  Prior to the outing, a consent form will be completed and COVID-related material provided.  All residents returning to the home will be screened and if they test positive, will be put on self-isolation for fourteen days and PCR tested on the eighth day.

Essential Caregivers

Fully immunized essential caregivers may support a resident in the dining room without eye protection. Partially immunized/unimmunized essential caregivers are not permitted to enter the dining room.  Full PPE including eye protection are required when in the rest of the building.  

Outside Visits

Outside visits continue and can be booked through or by calling 416-469-1105 extension 1144.  There can now be a maximum of four outside visitors (two general or two essential).  Outside visits take place Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am, 10:30 am and 11:15 am.  On Saturday and Sunday, the times are 2:00 pm, 3:15 pm and 3:45 pm.  

Virtual Calls

Now that things are opening up more, virtual calls can be booked on an ‘as-needed basis.  Again, contact Sonia Taylor, Director of Programs and Volunteer Services.  


  1. Individuals who have had COVID are now required to be rapid tested 90 days after their infection.  
  2. Outdoor visits can include as many as two general visitors and two essential caregivers or any combination thereof.  
  3. Fully immunized means fourteen days after the second dose.  

These new directives come into place on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.  If you have any questions about the process please contact Ama Amoa Williams, Director of Care at or 416-469-1105 extension 1140 or Marie De Castro, Assistant Director of Care at 416-469-1105 extension 1150 or 

Stay safe!  

Glen Moorhouse (CEO)
Jay Jesudas (Administrator)

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Nisbet Lodge is a charitable, not-for-profit organization, a home that cares for just over 100 seniors. We offer residents accommodation and care that fulfills the needs of today’s seniors, in a Christian environment.

McClintock Manor is an apartment building for seniors who can live on their own. We provide 62 apartments where seniors can live independently in a “good-neighbour community.

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