The Caring Continues

The Caring Continues is our annual drive to raise funds for specific improvements at Nisbet lodge and McClintock Manor, and to support long-range planning for the future of the properties.

  • Your gifts allowed us to refurbish the residents’ lounges on each floor, including new furniture – a spectacular upgrade.
  • In fall 2015 we cut the ribbon on Project Warm Welcome – a total remodel of the reception area and lounge in Nisbet Lodge and new furniture for the tenant lounge on the main floor of McClintock Manor – all made possible by donations.
  • Our friends gave the funds to allow us to install a new and sophisticated nurse call system for our residents, for greater responsiveness and safety.
  • McClintock Manor was equipped with an arts and crafts room.
  • Donor generosity even helped us replace flooring in many parts of the complex.

Current project

For Nisbet Lodge
In Nisbet Lodge we want to replace all the window coverings in people’s rooms. Everyone is affected by their windows and curtains, and ours are seriously overdue for refreshment. Good window coverings update the décor and lift the spirts. But window coverings also offer a sense of privacy and security. And being able to adjust the amount of sunlight in one’s room is a very important part of being comfortable in your own home.

Cost per room average: $290 in almost 137 rooms.

For McClintock Manor
In McClintock Manor, our attention is going towards mind and body benefits – if we raise the funds we’ll install a new exercise machine, and we’re creating a new computer center. For all of us, keeping active is a crucial part of good health, and our supporters will be adding important options for our tenants to enjoy.
Cost: $10,000

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