Key staff contacts: who to call

Jay Jesudas – Administrator, Director of Finance & Information Management, and Privacy Officer
Tel: 416-469-1105 x 1134
“The pressure of deadlines and time constraints are all worthwhile because I know I am part of a team, playing a critical role and making a significant contribution and care to the work God is doing at Nisbet Lodge.”

Laval Ng – Director of Food Services
Tel: 416-469-1105 x 1131
“Our aim is not just to provide a home, but also to add to the experience through enjoyable meals. We ask our residents about their meal preferences and try to act on them, and we make available options for residents with restricted ability to eat some foods. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our residents.”

Peter Maxwell Director of Environmental Services
Tel: 416-469-1105 x 1186
“Working with seniors for the past 36 years has given me the opportunity to see the world through their eyes. And for that, I’m a better person.”

Ama Amoa Williams – Director of Care
Tel: 416-469-1105 x 1140
“I find it rewarding when the nursing staff can help restore and maintain a resident’s independence by providing assistance with the activities of daily living.”

Meredith Thompson – Director of Programs and Volunteer Services
Tel: 416 469 1105 X 1144

“My goal is to enrich the quality of life for our residents by implementing progressive new ideas to help them improve and maintain their hobbies and interests. In my teenage years, helping to care for my grandmother, and a high school co-op placement at a long term care home helped me realize my passion for the elderly. Today I enjoy being a part of a team that puts a smile on residents’ faces and makes them feel at home – and I am passionate about making their home a place of joy and laughter.”

Shawn Van De Visch – Chaplain
Tel: 416-469-1105 x 1148
“Working as a Chaplain to seniors has deepened my understanding of faith in the face of adversity.  I am privileged to journey with our seniors and their families during the final leg of life, to hear peoples’ stories and share in their transitions. As staff serving in a Christian care home, we live out Jesus’ love to those we meet, extending a loving hand, lending a listening ear, and together upholding the inherent dignity and worth of everyone who enters here.”

Maricel Banayo  – Resident & Tenant Services Manager
Tel: 416-469-1105 X 1185
“My nursing experience both in the hospital and in long term care, including at Nisbet Lodge, helps me in this role. As well, when I began in this position, I already knew the residents of Nisbet Lodge and those family members who live at McClintock Manor.  I enjoy the challenge of serving our residents and tenants. For me, nursing is not a profession but rather a vocation.”