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Steps to getting the care you need

Steps to getting the care you need

nisbetnisbetlodge-img6All placements for long-term care start with the Toronto Community Care Access Centre. (CCAC)These are the steps in the application process:

    1. The Client or his/her family contacts the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC). If in the hospital, the hospital social worker or discharge planner may help with this process.
    2. The CCAC placement coordinator assesses client needs to determine service requirements.
    3. CCAC determines client eligibility for long-term care (LTC) placement and completes the application with the Client and or family.
    4. Applications are then forwarded to five homes of client’s choice.
    5. Once the application is received by the long-term care Home (LTCH), the application is reviewed to ensure client care needs can be met in that specific long-term care home.
    6. The LTCH must notify CCAC and the client within five business days of decision to approve or not approve the application. If approved, the facility will also designate which unit would be appropriate for admission.
    7. The client is then placed on the homes’ wait list according to priority rating.
    8. The home notifies CCAC whenever there is a bed vacancy.
    9. After discussion with the LTCH and CCAC the bed is offered by the CCAC Coordinator to the next applicant on the wait list, appropriate to the person’s needs, requested accommodation and unit designation.
    10. Admission is scheduled.

Please note: Nisbet Lodge has a faith based designation. If you want to live here specifically because Nisbet is a Christian home, please indicate this on your CCAC application. This will provide a slightly higher placement on the wait list.

For additional information or inquiries on the process please contact:
Toronto Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)
250 Dundas Street West, Suite 305
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2Z5
Phone – 416-506-9888 Fax: 416-506-0439 |