Nisbet Lodge & McClintock Manor - Caring Christian Homes

740 Pape Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4K 3S7



Key staff contacts

Key staff contacts: who to call

Nisbet Stuff Photo

Front Row: L-R: Bonnie Oliver, Mirna Romero, Ama Amoa Williams, Glen Moorhouse, Marie Oler, Cheryl Almeda
Back Row: L-R: Jay Jesudas, Peter Maxwell, Melissa Homulos, Shawn Van De Visch

Name Position Tel Ext. Email
Glen Moorhouse Chief Executive Officer 416-469-1105 1123
Jay Jesudas Director of Finance & Information Management 416-469-1105 1134
Laval Ng Director of Food Services 416-469-1105 1131
Peter Maxwell Director of Environmental Services 416-469-1105 1186
Ama Amoa Williams Director of Care 416-469-1105 1140
Melissa Homulos Director of Programs and Volunteer Services 416-469-1105 1144
Mirna Romero Resident Care Manager, Days 416-469-1105 1156
Maria Oler RAI Coordinator 416-469-1105 1154
Bonnie Oliver Resident & Tenant Services Manager 416-469-1105 1185
“Working with seniors is a privilege. You meet wonderful people who have and continue to do some very amazing things. There is also a spirit of caring here that encourages all of us — residents, families, volunteers and staff — to make this a special place.”
Glen Moorhouse (Chief Executive Officer)
“The pressure of deadlines and time constraints are all worthwhile because I know I am part of a team, playing a critical role and making a significant contribution and care to the work God is doing at Nisbet Lodge.”
Jay Jesudas 
(Director of Finance and Information Management)
Our aim is not just to provide a home, but also to add to the experience through enjoyable meals. We ask our residents about their meal preferences and try to act on them, and we make available options for residents with restricted ability to eat some foods. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our residents.
Laval Ng (Director of Food Services)
“Working with seniors for the past 36 years has given me the opportunity to see the world through their eyes. And for that, I’m a better person.”
Peter Maxwell (Director of Environmental Services)
“I find it rewarding when the nursing staff can help restore and maintain a resident’s independence by providing assistance with the activities of daily living.”
Ama Amoa-Williams 
(Director of Care)
“As a recreation therapist, my role helps to improve the quality of life our residents experience by getting them engaged in meaningful recreation programs. They have so much life experience and wisdom to share with us and we are lucky they welcome us into their home every day.”
Melissa Homulos
(Director of Programs and Volunteer Services)
“Working with seniors and their families reminds me daily of how integral every generation is to our time. Our shared stories provide the groundwork for a better society as we care for one another and remember the value each person brings to life. As the Co-ordinating Chaplain at Nisbet Lodge, I have often been called pastor and even ‘father’ when I meet with our seniors and their families; however, the most humbling title I have been called is ‘Brother’ – as I have been invited to be a part of spiritual journeys that last a lifetime.”
Shawn Van De Visch (Coordinating Chaplain)