Nisbet Lodge & McClintock Manor - Caring Christian Homes

740 Pape Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4K 3S7



Board of Nisbet Lodge

Board of Nisbet Lodge

Lorna Gard, Nisbet Lodge Board Chairperson

Mrs. Irene A. Andress, RN MN
VP, Patient Experience,
Health Professions & Chief Nursing Executive
Toronto East General Hospital

Mrs. Elsie Dickson

Mrs. Lorna Gard
Retired Computer Programmer / Medical Technologist

Mr. Jamie Gillingham
Proprietor of Riverdale Tax

Mrs. Gloria Lacuesta
Retired Teacher

Mrs. Marcella Parr
City of Toronto Public Health Nurse
Former Missionary

Mrs. Rodola Sibuma-Gomez
Key Account Manager
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

Mrs. Audrey Wright
Retired Teacher